Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alien Private Eye (1987)

aka Alien P.I.

How bad is it? It's silly, dated and looks like it was just thrown together.
Should you see it? Yes.

I saw this shortly after it came out and I remembered it as a mildly amusing time-waster. Since then, it has developed a following as a classic terrible movie, so I re-watched it recently and I like it more now. An alien on vacation on Earth just happens upon a crime that needs to be solved. If ever there was a time that an alien could walk the streets unnoticed, it was the 1980's. Wearing a fedora and a white zoot suit - and white gloves - he makes quite an entrance. The best scene in the film has an alien spitting acid and his henchman saying, "I know you only have space in your mouth for one acid tooth." There's an alien disc with some drug in it (I think; the plot's vague), the alien falls for an Earth girl, there's some bad fight scenes and some truly awesomely awful dialogue.

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