Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fateful Findings (2013)

How bad is it? It's barely a film. It's one of the worst-made films of recent years.
Should you see it? Yes. This will become the next "The Room."

Neil Breen has written, directed, starred in and edited a few films, this being his most entertainingly awful. It's hard to explain the plot - if one exists - but a man gains paranormal powers from a small black cube and possibly from a car accident and he then hacks into government and business computers, so he knows everything about a huge cover-up of some sort. The paranoia reminds me of Tom Loughin's "Billy Jack" films, as does the insistence that the lead character is irresistible to women and a genius. The scenes are somewhat random, with no transitions, no structure and no pacing. The acting is abysmal - far worse than most porn - and the dialogue is filled with quotable bad lines: "No more books!" and "I didn't know you committed suicide" being the highlights. There's unexplained mystical ghostly apparitions, terrible green screen, actors shot only from the neck down to disguise that they are playing multiple roles, a hospital room that consists of three oxygen tanks AND CARPETING (the one time comparison to Ed Wood makes sense). Laptops are in almost every scene, but they are never on and they are always thrown before the scene ends, as are phones, books and all other small objects.

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