Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wild Ones on Wheels (1962)

aka Drivers to Hell, aka Hell Drivers

How bad is it? Very cheap with noticeable flaws.
Should you see it? Yes, but not because it's so-bad-it's-good.

This film would be worth seeing just for the presence of Frances York (as Hazel) and Ray Dennis Steckler (as Preacher). There's a lot of money hidden in the desert and some bad guys after it. It all follows very predictably, there's some continuity problems and there's some lighting/editing issues (I'm not sure if shooting day-for-night failed or if there was just a huge difference in contrast between A and B rolls; maybe both). There's hot-rodding, there's an accidental killing, there's a couple of nice PG-rated shots of Francine, the acting's pretty good and the sound is good for a change.

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