Monday, August 8, 2016

Evil Clutch (1988)

aka Il Bosco 1, aka The Woods, aka Horror Queen, aka Notte nel Bosco, aka Night in the Woods

How bad is it? A couple of good moments in a pointless exercise.
Should you see it? No.

This Italian rip-off of "The Evil Dead" (complete with tree with roots that can grab) was picked up by Troma for release. It starts with a castration by a claw coming out of a vagina and then goes downhill. It's campers versus monsters - a sort-of witch, a sort-of puking zombie, an evil bucketful of ooze. There's a guy with an electronic voicebox, a chainsaw killing, an exploding head, and a clock running backwards while spitting blood. It doesn't make much sense, there's no plot, no suspense and it's often so underlit that you can't see what's happening. There is a good tracking shot through the woods (a la Sam Raimi) and a surprisingly decent score. It's like someone had elements for a film and threw them together.

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