Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Divine Enforcer (1992)

How bad is it? It's very cheap. The name stars didn't bother to learn their lines.
Should you see it? Yes. This is so odd it bears watching.

Thanks to my Twitter friends for pointing this out to me - and just in the nick of time, as I end the letter "D" on my 4th alphabetic tour! The cast of this films is B-movie royalty: Jan-Michael Vincent, Erik Esrada, Jim Brown, Don Stroud, Robert Z'Dar, Scott Shaw and Judy Landers. It's about a martial arts priest who takes on the local drug dealers and rapists. Then it becomes a film about a crazed serial killer who keeps women's skull as trophies... to eat cereal out of! Of course, good defeats evil, but not before a girl who has visions gets kidnapped, a car gets set on fire for no reason, Vincent reads his lines off a script glued to a newspaper and a musical number in a strip club. It ends with a rap number of the close credits, for extra credit. It's shoddy, but worthwhile for the completely nutso over-the-top performance by Stroud as the killer.

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