Thursday, January 12, 2017

Love Thrill Murders (1971)

aka Sweet Savior

How bad is it? Pretty typical Manson-inspired film of its time.
Should you see it? Only if you want to see Troy Donahue play a sociopath.

I actually saw this when it came out - seriously dating myself - by sneaking into a drive-in. It got released on VHS by Troma but I haven't seen it on DVD; it's also on YouTube. Troy Donahue plays "Moon," a charismatic cult leader obviously based on Charles Manson who keeps people close with drugs, sex and politics. There's an orgy scene and a bunch of murders at the end, but Moon gets away just to ride his hog past American institutions so he can give them the finger. All the interiors look like the same one or two rooms. The film is cheap exploitation, but not terrible for that genre.

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