Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Miami Golem (1985)

aka Miami Horror, aka Cosmos Killer

How bad is it? Quite bad cheap action/horror film.
Should you see it? The plot's so weird that I'll say yes.

Criminals steal DNA a scientist cloned from a meteorite and was growing into a psychic mutant baby. The bad guy, played by John Ireland, wants to create a slave race and take over the world. Then there's something about Atlantis and good aliens in disguise and way too much plot before it devolves into boat chases in the Everglades and a helicopter being shot down with a pistol. Though the action scenes are pretty good, one shot appears to have been repeated twice due to poor editing. The dubbing from Italian isn't great and the synthesizer soundtrack borrows heavily from Harold Faltermeyer and Jan Hammer. There is no golem involved.

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