Monday, February 27, 2017

Mirror Wars: Reflection One (2005)

How bad is it? Dull action film, but not awful.
Should you see it? No. Unless you're a huge fan of the cast or of fighter jets.

This is a Cold War actioner that is a bit different, as it's from the Russian point of view. Malcolm McDowell plays a arms dealer who wants to steal a special Russian fighter jet. The hero is a Russian pilot considered a traitor because of a romantic fling with an American who happened to be an intelligence agent. There's a lot of good flying sequences and crashes, not done in CGI for a change, but the film is still dull, with McDowell, Armand Assante and Rutger Hauer (in a small part) sleepwalking through their roles. There's some stock footage of tigers and the dubbing isn't great, but there's nothing too terrible about this; it's just a waste of time.

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