Friday, February 24, 2017

Monster Dog (1984)

How bad is it? Somewhat below average quality, but by no means terrible.
Should you see it? Sure. It's entertaining despite itself.

Alice Cooper stars as a rock star who goes back to his hometown to shoot a video (two complete videos are embedded in the film), only to hear that people seem to be getting killed by wolves. Then there's a rumor that Cooper's father was a werewolf. There's a lot of dry ice and blue lights and one set seems to be used for everything. Everyone's dubbed - it was shot in Italy - whether or not they speak English. The director's famous for doing "Troll 2," but this is not like that. There's a nightmare sequence and a twist ending that'll leave you scratching your head and the monster dog (which can control other dogs) is a not-great puppet. It's all very lightweight and silly, but charming for what it is.

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