Thursday, March 16, 2017

Memorial Valley Massacre (1989)

aka Valley of Evil, aka Memorial Day, aka Son of Sleepaway Camp

How bad is it? Bottom of the barrel slasher flick.
Should you see it? Not really.

There's a couple of versions of this floating around. The "Son of Sleepaway Camp" version steals some music from the original "Sleepaway Camp" and has a short hard-core porn insert. Cameron Mitchell is a real estate developer that wants to tear down an old camp. Big Bill Smith has a role. The killer is a caveman whose white underwear occasionally shows and who somehow knows how to drive a bulldozer and rewire a camper to make it explode (the one good effect in the film). There's some bikers, a dog in a well, some snakes on food at a picnic and a bear attack as a red herring. The kills are uninteresting, as are the characters. A sign early on shows it to be "Memorial Valley" and it takes place on "Memorial Day," which is an odd coincidence leading to differing titles.

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