Tuesday, April 11, 2017

One Man Army (1994)

How bad is it? Poor generic martial arts film.
Should you see it? No.

This was the second film starring Jerry Trimble, directed by Cirio Santiago and produced by Roger Corman (Live by the Fist was first, "Stranglehold" third). It's essentially "Walking Tall" set in the Philippines, though it's supposed to be southern California - the Mexicans look quite Filipino. The story has a champion martial artist go to his grandfather's funeral, only to find that the area's run by corrupt police and businessmen, with gambling, prostitution and smuggling and then he has to clean up the town. In the climactic scene, he unloads his gun on one guy, when there are several others, and it's his dog Hank (played by "Yup," according to the credits) that does the most damage. It's all very by-the-numbers. Melissa Moore plays the love interest.

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