Sunday, April 9, 2017

Operation Delta Force (1997)

aka Great Soldiers, aka Operation Delta Force 1

How bad is it? Nearly competent.
Should you see it? You won't remember if you did.

This TV film had four video sequels (and a review of one of them is next). Trying hard to be mistaken for the similarly named Chuck Norris films, this has South African terrorists steal some Ebola virus and its antidote [I worked in a virology lab. I have more issues with this than you'd care to read.] Jeff Fahey, Ernie Hudson, Frank Zagarino and a completely forgettable actress are called in to stop them, but Jeff blames Ernie for his brother's death and Frank hates women in uniform. Joe Lara plays the bad guy fairly well and Hal Holbrook almost literally phones in his lines as a general. They find the bad guy, he escapes, they get new intel... and repeat ad nauseum. There's a decent shoot-out on a train, a village blown up from dune buggies, a drop off a bridge, but it's all done with a minimum of excitement.

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