Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bermuda Tentacles (2014)

How bad is it? 8
How unintentionally bad is it? 7
How entertainingly bad is it? 4

Another SyFy original, this from The Asylum productions, by prolific director Nick Lyon (though this is the first of his films I've reviewed, I think). The president of the U.S. (John Savage) has to eject from Air Force One into the Bermuda Triangle and then there's a military rescue mission. Linda Hamilton is the Admiral in charge. Trevor Donovan is the guy who goes against orders - of course - to do the rescue. Jamie Kennedy plays a doctor who comes in handy as he's an expert in everything they need an expert in. Mya is in there for some reason; she is terrible. There's a tentacled monster that impedes the rescue and it turns out to be extra-terrestrial. There's very poor dialogue, no character development, some laughably bad CGI and only a couple of non-descript sets; all the building interiors look the same and submarines look like airplanes which look like boats. It's played seriously, not for laughs, but there's little to care about.