Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bruce Lee Against Supermen (1975)

aka Bruce Lee vs. the Supermen, aka Call Me Dragon, aka Superdragon vs. Superman

How bad is it? 9
How unintentionally bad is it? 7
How enjoyably bad is it? 8

This might be my new favorite Bruceploitation film. First of all, the heroes are called the Green Hornet and one of the two is Bruce Li. Then, the bad guys are sort of giggling mimes wearing monkeyish devil masks. Then there's a catfight in a shower without nudity. Then there's a car chase that takes 10 minutes and never breaks any traffic laws, including speeding. There's some noodly prog rock synthesizer music that doesn't match the action. There's some horrendous dubbing. The plot involves a scientist who's discovered a way to make food from petroleum byproducts and who needs rescuing.

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