Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Legend of Bloody Jack (2007)

How bad is it? Slasher flick with nothing going for it.
Should you see it? No.

This is one of the films released by The Asylum, which has been responsible for a lot of trash on this blog. I was led to believe that this was supposed to have something to do with Jack the Ripper, but the "Jack" of the title appears to be a lumberjack. The film takes place in Alaska in the Arctic Circle around the summer solstice, so the sun never sets. Unfortunately, the interiors have windows that show the film was mostly shot at night in California - someone told me that this had the worst lighting continuity since Plan 9, but that's not fair (it does suck, though). Plenty of women go topless and then everyone gets killed, but not after padding the film with chase scenes that don't heighten tension. There's a trick ending that's particularly cheesy.

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