Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Natas: The Reflection (1983/1986)

How bad is it? Really cheap and poorly acted, with a terrible ending.
Should you see it? You know, I'm going to say yes - it's refreshingly weird.

The first problem with this film is that the "surprise" is that the reflection of "Natas" gives "Satan," which is only slightly less obvious than all the old "Alucard" films. A reporter goes into the New Mexico hills to find the legendary gatekeeper to Hell, named "Natas." He's given direction by a very old Native American (actor Nino Cochise was believed to be 109 when this was filmed - he died in 1984 - but was probably the son of Ciyo Cochise who was born in 1874) and finds himself in a ghost town filled with zombie cowboys, who act just like regular cowboys, except they're dead. There's a final confrontation with the gargoylish "Natas" that has terrible special effects and then a resolution that completely undermines the whole film. Having seen so many terrible films, it's nice to see something that, while impossibly cheap, is unusual. The downside is that the film is slow and dull and no one in it can act.

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