Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bad Biology (2008)

How bad is it? It's almost impossible to rate, but it's offensive and disappointing.
Should you see it? If you loved "Basket Case" and "Frankenhooker" you might enjoy it.

We all waited a long time for Frank Hennenlotter to make another film. "Basket Case" was a true classic, though cheaply made and a bit disturbing (which was fine by me); the sequels were less interesting and "Brain Damage" and "Frankenhooker" seemed like steps backward.  If you take the sexual creepiness of some Wes Craven films and push it to an extreme, you might get this film, which has the monster penis of "Welcome Home, Brother Charles" (reviewed earlier) meeting the woman with seven clitorises. It's all very icky, and I'm not much of a prude when it comes to film. It's just a boy-meets-girl film, made as disturbing as possible.

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