Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cannibal World (2004)

aka Mondo Cannibale, aka Cannibal Holocaust 2: the Beginning

How bad is it? It's a poor remake of an exploitation classic.
Should you see it? There's one incredibly bad performance that's almost worth seeing, but no.

A generation after most Italian cannibal gore films, Bruno Mattei decided to remake Cannibal Holocaust, almost shot for shot. A reporter decides that, with people getting into war footage on TV, what people really want to see is cannibals, so she and a team go looking for them and, of course, things go badly for them. The original made a statement about modern society's cruelty and insensitivity, but this film misses all of that. The female reporter's acting is truly over-the-top bad, making Al Pacino at his eye-rolling frenzy-est look sedate. The actual gore scenes aren't terrible, mostly being seen from a distance and the film quality isn't awful, which actually detracts from the grittiness of the 1970's cannibal films.

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