Thursday, October 23, 2014

Catwoman (2004)

How bad is it? It's all surface, with no substance.
Should you see it? No.

I'm sure many people were, like me, expecting this to have something to do with the Batman franchise, but it doesn't. I also expect that they think: Halle Berry in a cat suit - how bad can it be? Halle gets turned in the Catwoman from inhaling something from ancient Egyptian tombs, but the film never explains what that means. How does being Catwoman affect her, other than causing her to nap on a shelf in the warmth of the sun? What powers does the Catwoman have... and why? Is there any back story at all? There's an evil company and she takes it down with gymnastic martial arts that are dull to see, even with the revealing clothes. When the Razzie awards came out, she was a good sport and picked up her trophy for worst actress, knowing that this was a dud from the start, but no one could've saved this non-story.

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