Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Alienator (1990)

How bad is it? It's often considered one of the worst films by one of the worst directors.
Should you see it? Maybe just to see how awful it really is, but I'd say no.
Fred Olen Ray's directed more than 100 bad films and though I've covered some of them, it's been a while since I've gone back to that (poison) well. This film has an alien escaping from a space prison crash-landing on Earth and getting help from some campers and a forest ranger. Then the Alienator (the worst imaginable Terminator) arrives to bring him back - there's also a few plot twists at the end, but you may not make it that far. The Alienator is played by female bodybuilder Teagan Clive (billed, as usual, just by first name) and co-stars Jan-Michael Vincent and John Phillip Law make up for her name deficiency, if not acting deficiency. Most of the special effects, such as they are, occur in the first minutes of the film; it looks like the budget ran out and they just made the rest of the film happen on Earth - and not the future - because it's cheap.

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