Sunday, March 29, 2015

Aztec Rex (2007)

aka Tyrannosaurus Azteca

How bad is it? It's a SyFy dinosaur film with Ian Ziering. That's a terrible combination.
Should you see it? If you want to see what one of the better SyFy films looks like.

Hernando Cortez (played by Ian Ziering) searching for gold in Mexico in 1521 instead finds a dinosaur, which they end up killing as a way to save their lives when caught by locals. This upsets the dinosaur's mate and they have to devise a clever plan to kill it too, making this the modern equivalent of 1950's lost civilization films. The CGI is particularly bad in this one, ruining what could've been a decent film. There also is no explanation of why there are dinosaurs there in the first place.

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