Sunday, August 9, 2015

That's a wrap!

This concludes my survey of terrible films. The process was much like trying to find gravy in a cesspool, but I did actually find some enjoyable trash. Of course, there's no end to bad films and there's a lot I didn't cover, some of which I regret missing.

There's a few films that kept getting cut from my list: "The Car," "The Day the Clown Cried," "The Betsy," "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Ghost in the Noonday Sun." The WW II era "Black Dragons," "First Yank Into Tokyo" and (somewhat later) "Red Nightmare" could've been listed, as well as some serials like "Queen of the Jungle" and "Phantom Empire." The high school hooker trilogy of "Angel" films and the Cheri Caffaro "Ginger" films deserve mention, as do films based on novels by Harold Robbins or Jackie Collins. I skipped a lot of poverty row - mostly Monogram and PRC - films, such as "The Ape Man" and "The Brute Man" because they're just too good.

I intentionally skipped hardcore porn, Italian gore after 1970, Japanese gore after 1980, instructional films and cinema verite' and yet I veered very close to some of those.

In many cases, I let one film represent an entire oeuvre of a director. The site is searchable and, if your favorite film isn't listed, try searching the director's name. Directors that I wish I had covered:

Albert Pyun
Victor Adamson (his son Al's all over the blog)
George and Mike Kuchar
Irving Klaw
Joseph P. Mawra
Michael and Roberta Findlay (one film made the blog)
Kroger Babb
J. R. Bookwalter
Joe D'Amato
S.F. Brownrigg
Tim Kincaid
Don Glut (I want to see "Dragstrip Dracula")
Zalman King

Perhaps I'll return to finish off those omissions, but for now, I need to do something else.


  1. You're welcome. I have three more films I really think I should add.