Sunday, August 9, 2015

Velvet Smooth (1976)

How bad is it? It's almost a female "Dolemite."
Should you see it? If you love bad blaxploitation, this one has its moments.
A female detective is hired by a mobster to find out who is stealing his action. She ends up kicking a lot of ass. This has all the hideous clothes and slum exteriors you'd expect, plus interiors where you can see the boom mike and the walls move when a door shuts. Each scene looks like it was done entirely from one perspective, often from a weird angle with things obstructing views. The fights are terrible, with blows missing by almost a foot. The theme song's a hoot, there's a twist ending and Rory Calhoun makes an appearance.

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  1. Just found this place. Love the theme. I actually own this on DVD and yup, it's pretty bad.