Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vampire Woman (1996)

How bad is it? It's a home movie and not a good one. And it's interminable.
Should you see it? Nononononononononononononono.

The few people who read this blog probably know more about David "Rock" Nelson than I do. Rocky's films are made on camcorders (from the 1980's), usually unscripted, using friends and neighbors as cast and rarely if ever edited. He often talks over the dialogue while he shoots, not narrating, not giving direction, just rambling. When a scene is blown, he doesn't reshoot and he often keeps filming, so you get people stepping out of character to comment on something not working.

When looking for one of his films to review, I was told "Vampire Woman" was his "magnum opus" (it is over four hours long) and the one to see because "it has a plot." I'm not sure what that plot was. The film took years to make, but that didn't lead to additional continuity errors, because there is no continuity. Nelson's films are only legally available sold directly by him, but when I poked around for this, someone sent me PayPal account info and a URL and a time - my introduction to the "dark web" and a more interesting event than the film itself.

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