Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Amazon Jail (1982)

How bad is it? It's one of the worst women-in-prison films, which set a low bar.
Should you see it? No. It's only for the most rabid WIP fan.

I think I saw this originally because it stars Elizabeth Hartmann, but it turns out NOT to be the actress from "A Patch of Blue" (one of my favorite films), but some obscure Brazilian with the same name. It was directed by a guy who made a lot of exploitation films, few of which are available in the U.S., his "Bare Behind Bars" being much better than this.

If you're expecting an actual prison, this is of the subset of women in bamboo cage films (much easier to make) and which range from the great "The Big Bird Cage" to the ridiculous "She-Demons." There's little of the shower scene and sadistic guard routine, as the girls escape fairly early. They then run across a drug-dealing gang and then some devil-worshippers as well, causing them to flee three different groups at once.

The film has non-stop nudity. It's almost fun to watch to see how it's managed, as it seems improbable that no one ever wears clothes - even finding a still I could use here was challenging. There's also endless lesbian scenes, with no supposed lesbians. So it has what men who watch these things look for, unimpeded by storyline or character.


  1. I grew up watching a good number of exploitation flicks and you continuously find stuff I haven't heard of. Kudos to you. Sounds like something I'll have to watch and then hate myself in the morning.

  2. Thanks! The challenge is finding things others haven't without straying into "I'm cooler than you because I found this extreme rarity that should've remained forgotten."