Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Abduction of Zack Butterfield (2010)

How bad is it? It's cringe-worthy and hopelessly padded.
Should you see it? Wait 20 years. I think it'll get funnier with time.

A teenage boy is abducted by a woman; that twist and a half-way decent acting performance by the boy in question is all this film has going for it. There's a pukka shell necklace that's supposed to be C-4 that will explode if he goes past the invisible fencing or tries to take it off. There's a formal dance (she never got to go to the prom) and sex - off-screen - to the music of "Swan Lake." There's minimal sets, terrible acting by most of the minor characters (including bumbling investigators), exposition that leads nowhere, attempts at "art" shots and nowhere near enough plot for the 90 minute run time. Apparently PTSD, bipolar disorder and an alcoholic father leads to women kidnapping for sex slavery... who knew?

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