Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dark Power (1985)

How bad is it? It's cheesy and stars a guy who didn't work for 30 years.
Should you see it? Yeah. This one delivers.

College co-eds rent a house built on an ancient (Toltec! Nowhere near Mexico!) burial ground. Then one invites her brother and his friends, guys written to be hated - racist bastards - to torment the girls. Then four undead Indian sorcerers start killing them off, until they get rescued by a forest ranger played by... drum roll, please... Lash LaRue! Now, if you don't know who that was, Lash starred in a bunch of B-westerns as a hero that brandished a whip rather than a gun. So there's a lot of whipping. There's even a showdown whip-off finale. There's a face peeled off, a hand eaten, a decapitation, an arrow through an arm, etc., but only in the last 30 minutes of this 82 minute film; it starts slow. It also changes seasons abruptly, it's often under-lit (but never at crucial moments), the acting by all but Lash is pretty bad and there's the song "Toltec Boogie."

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