Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dr. Strain the Body Snatcher (1991)

How bad is it? Technically one of the worst films made.
Should you see it? No, which is okay, because it's REALLY hard to find a copy.

This was a Super 8mm home movie, apparently shot with the built-in camera microphone and sound edited in hard stereo (i.e., sounds are one speaker or the other. Added music, at improper volume, is all on one side). A young man is being investigated by the police and he tells his story, which is about his uncle and his "Reanimator"-like experiments. Uncle Dr. Strain has low tech facial sores and a penchant for 80's casual wear, as well as a basement full of zombies. He tries to transfer his soul into his nephew, but it goes into a zombie and then there's a chase scene... that stops abruptly without resolution. There's a cemetery that rivals the one in "Plan 9" for shoddiness. Extraneous noise - dogs barking, wind, lawn mower, an argument - drown out the dialogue in places.

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