Friday, January 19, 2018

All Superheroes Must Die (2011)

aka vs

How bad is it? 5
How unintentionally bad is it? 8
How enjoyably bad is it? 6

This and "FP" by the same director are tricky films to judge. This was made for $20000 in a few days, including editing, and it shows. There are four superheroes in tacky costumes (it make sense in the world of the film, which is clever for the small budget) who have to battle a bad guy, who also happens to be the only person trying to act. The plot has holes, the effects are poorly done, the dialogue seems to have been partly improvised or written as they went, the acting is mostly amateurish, but the direction and cinematography are decent. There's a plot twist that makes no sense. It's enjoyable, though, just an idea that can't be done on the budget imposed.

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