Friday, January 26, 2018

Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure (1988)

aka Andy and the Airwave Rangers, aka Andy Colby's Incredible Video Adventure

How bad is it? 8
How unintentionally bad is it? 6
How enjoyably bad is it? 8

This film out-Cormans Roger Corman (who produced)! The story is about a girl who gets sucked into a television by a villain trying to steal colors from our world and her brother who goes in after her. We then get treated to them interacting via green screen with characters from old Corman films: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom, Deathsport, Space Raiders and Chopping Mall, among others, so we get cameos by Bo Svenson, Erik Estrada and Richard Thomas. The acting is bad even by kid film standards and the whole thing is put together in the most lazy way possible. It's so padded (in 76 minutes) that we see the same commercial in its entirety twice. It's kind of fun to see how throwaway it is and trying to recall which (better) films are being pilfered, but it wears thin fast.

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