Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power (1975)

aka Kung Fu Contra as Bonecas

How bad is it? It's truly awful. It gets my vote as worst film from Brazil.
Should you see it? It has some comic bits, but not enough, so: no.

I've reviewed "The Clones of Bruce Lee," which is the most entertaining Bruceploitation film. I always thought the worst was "Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave" wherein Jun Chong, sometimes incorrectly identified as Bruce, stars; Bruce's grave is hit by lightning, re-animating him and he fights the Angel of Death before seeking revenge. I thought that there was no such film with the title of this post, but eventually found that it was just a retitling of a film I'd already seen.

This film has no connection to Bruce Lee, nor claims to, except in the retitling. A bunch of guys in children's Halloween pirate costumes terrorize a community in Brazil. Then a guy with questionable martial arts ability frees a woman in their capture and the two of them proceed to kick some butts. The fight scenes are ridiculous and it's obvious those in charge knew that and intended it.

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