Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pigs (1972)

aka Daddy's Deadly Darling, aka Daddy's Girl, aka The 13th Pig, aka Love Exorcist, aka The Killer, aka The Killers, aka Meat for Murder, aka The Strange Exorcism of Lynn Hart, aka Roadside Torture Chamber, aka The Strange Love Exorcist, aka Lynn Hart, aka Blood Pen, aka The Secret of Lynn Hart, aka Horror Farm

How bad is it? Cheap and scummy, but more psychological horror than slasher.
Should you see it? Yes. It has a following.

I've seen this film several times due to it's many titles and, while I groaned knowing what is coming, I watched anyway. When a woman's father tries to rape her, she kills him and is sent to an asylum from which she escapes in a nurse's car. She meets a kindred spirit in a diner owner who is also a farmer and a killer who feeds his victims to his pigs. It's worth noting that this came out the same year as "Prime Cut," an excellent film that also has people fed to pigs. Marc Lawrence wrote, directed, produced and starred along with his daughter. Catherine Ross (billed as Katherine, but decidedly not the Katherine Ross of "The Graduate") is a neighbor who believes the pigs are possessed by the spirits of reincarnated souls. It has a ludicrous theme song, "Somebody's Waiting for You." The cheapness is apparent - day scenes are oddly gaudy - but the film has something to say about abnormal relationships; the woman, though she does castrate someone, because it is that kind of film too, is a complex character and not just a nut job.

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