Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Pod People (1983)

aka Extraterrestrial Visitors, aka Trumpy, aka The Unearthling, aka The New Extraterrestrials, aka Tales of Trumpy, aka The Return of E.T., aka Extra Terrestrial Visitors

How bad is it? Truly terrible.
Should you see it? No (I'm told the MST3K version is one of their best, however).

By the director of "Slugs," this has terrible lighting, with both day and night being murky and indistinguishable; a scene in a cave is completely unlit. There's continuity errors - seasons change - and there's seemingly random jump cuts between three separate story lines. A group of poachers find eggs in a cave and one is killed by an unseen attacker. A boy finds an egg, brings it home and hatches it, calling the anteater-like creature "Trumpy" [which should cause this to get new attention]. There's a terrible band camping in the woods who are fodder for more deaths, with Trumpy looking like the culprit, but of course it's not. The best scene has a kitten playing with Trumpy's nose, as it was obviously not in the script, but there is very little to recommend this film.

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