Thursday, July 31, 2014

Skatetown USA (1979)

How bad is it? It's a roller disco gang film. And not the best one.
Should you see it? Yes - if, you can.
You, too, will make this face when watching.

Released to theaters in 1979 - to underwhelming response - this then got shown on ABC television once in 1982 and disappeared. Columbia Pictures: re-release this! It's not on DVD, it was never on VHS. There is a bad print ripped from television online, which is your only chance of seeing it.

The film is Romeo and Juliet redone. A boy takes his sister to the roller disco, where a boy falls for her, but he's in a rival gang to the brother. This leads to a skate-off and then escalates to the two on rocket-powered skates aimed for the pier on the wharf in a to-the-death battle.

Check out the cast: Scott Baio, Flip Wilson, Ron Palillo, Maureen McCormack, Ruth Buzzi, Patrick Swayze, Billy Barty, Judy Landers, Dorothy Stratten and some forgotten hack comics of the time (like Murray Langston and Leonard Barr).

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