Friday, August 8, 2014

Test-Tube Babies (1948)

How bad is it? It's remarkably bad.
Should you see it? You won't enjoy it as much as I did, but yes.

For some reason, I loved this movie. It's an exploitation film about in vitro fertilization (well, sort of)! Not being able to fulfill the wifely duty of child-bearing leads to debauchery, such as a rather long sequence of a dance in underwear and a catfight. I usually want to fast-forward through these sections, but it's the best catfight I'd seen since "The Big Bird Cage," with a point where you can see the actresses, tired and out of ideas as to what to do, waiting for someone to shout "cut," almost laughing, then going back to fighting. There are several versions of this available, including one with added footage filmed in 1967 and released as "The Pill."

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