Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lightning Bill (1934)

aka Lighting Bill

How bad is it? They couldn't even get the title right.
Should you see it? Bad film fans should, mostly for historical reasons.

This is the film infamous for having the on-screen title wrong; it's listed as "Lighting Bill," which probably ran to about $20 for this film. This is one of the few films of Victor Adamson that is easily found; he taught his son Al how to make cheap terrible westerns in the 1960's (Al went on to make cheap terrible action and horror films, several of which I've reviewed). It stars a bland hero billed as Buffalo Bill, Jr. and is about a guy getting killed, but not before he hides his money. The hero then rescues the guy's daughter from the bad guys and finds the money. Much of the cast looks like they had worked on stage or in silent films and they overact accordingly. The sets are minimal, the direction clumsy. There's the old pass-the-gun trick, some stolen eggs, seeing "spooks" and a final fistfight that would fool no one.

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