Monday, January 23, 2017

The Last Slumber Party (1988)

How bad is it? It's down there. Pretty far down, too.
Should you see it? Reluctantly, I say yes. Others enjoyed it more than I did.

This Minnesotan approves the sweet Tarkenton jersey.
Released straight to video, this was shot partly on film and partly on videotape and the switch between them is the least of the continuity problems. A bunch of girls go to a house where they're stalked by a guy in a surgical mask. I've seen this at least 8 times and it's always a race between boredom and confusion; in the end, much of the film turns out to be a dream and some claim that the weird discontinuity - the killer seems to teleport - and the affectless reaction of the girls to each death is part of the dream (that's giving too much credit). People sleep through murders committed right next to them, to then awaken just in time to get killed themselves. One of the dream sequences completely negates the rest of the film. And then it turns out that there are TWO killers, the imaginary one with several kills and a real one with just one. I always start out enjoying this film, it's delightfully tacky and cheesy, but then my eyes glaze over at some point as each death is exactly the same as the previous one; in fact, I think you can time one kill scene, multiply by cast members and get the run time.

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