Monday, May 8, 2017

Panther Squad (1984)

aka  The Panther Squad, aka Commando Panther, aka Female Mercenaries II

How bad is it? It's Sybil Danning's least interesting film.
Should you see it? Only if you're a Danning completist.

Sybil Danning not only stars in this, but gets a co-producing credit. I expect that this was an attempt by the aging sexy vixen to gain some credibility - or at least credits - before being relegated to being behind the camera. There's an astronaut (female) kidnapped by a dictator that wants to rule the world with equipment meant by a Green group for space exploration. There's a commando squad of girls in leather mini-skirts, led by Sybil, sent to set things right. The film's padded even at 77 minutes and it's hard to tell how much was tongue-in-cheek (the eco-friendly group do some very eco-unfriendly things). There's no nudity, no swearing, poor fight scenes and a climactic scene with poor effects.

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