Friday, May 26, 2017

Raw Target (1995)

How bad is it? Typical cheap martial arts film.
Should you see it? Meh. You could do worse.

Wardrobe costs didn't cover shirts.

Dale "Apollo" Cook made at least a half dozen martial arts films, but this is the only one besides "American Kickboxer 2" I've seen.The plot has a kickboxer kill a guy in the ring, then covertly join the gang responsible for his brother's death, only to have the cop that's fighting the gang be the brother of the guy our hero killed in the ring. Got that? Then add a hokey romance (nudity), a lot of underlit fights among the heavily padded run time, bad guitar riff music, and an overacting bad guy.
Standard issue; the fights, or what you can see of them, are not bad.

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