Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Return of Superman (1979)

aka Turkish Superman
There are probably a half-dozen Turkish films about Superman, but this seems to be the only one with subtitles in English. It follows the Christopher Reeve version fairly closely, with a bit of the 1930's Adventures of Captain Marvel thrown in. Our hero, upon graduation from high school (at about age 30 it appears), is informed by his parents that he's not human; "I know," he says, "I read your mind." Most of the laughs in this come from the fact that the hero is pretty scrawny for the role and his flying is obviously green screened in front of stock footage, inter-cut with an obvious puppet. The shot of stars in the night sky is obviously just Christmas lights. The music, mostly lifted from John Williams scores and sounding third-generation or worse in quality, is amusing. Running just over an hour, the story runs about the way you'd expect. And, yes, as is always amusing to American audiences, the director's first name is Kunt.

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