Monday, June 23, 2014

Netherworld (1992)

How bad is it? It's nothing special.
Should you see it? Not really.

Unlike most cheap films, this one tries for a sense of place and a sense of mystery and intrigue, mostly from being set in Louisiana. A man inherits a mansion, next to a brothel, discovers that his dead father (who he never met) wanted to be re-incarnated, finds a voodoo priestess in the brothel, and sets to work. There's spirits of people trapped in caged birds. There's a flying stone hand. There's some attractive whores who are trying to portray (dead) celebrities. There's a truly terrible climactic scene that leaves you asking, "And....?" This was released by Full Moon pictures, which have had a number of interesting low budget films. This could've had a cult following with a bigger budget and a little work.

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