Sunday, June 22, 2014

Night Train to Terror (1985)

How bad is it? It's an anthology of stories that couldn't get released separately.
Should you see it? Yeah, it's passable. If you're desperate.

Five directors are credited in this anthology of three stories with a wrap-around that has God and "Lu Sifer" battling for souls on board a train where a rock band plays for the last time. In the first story, a hospital cuts people up for their parts. In the second, there's a "Death Club" with an electrocution, a wrecking ball and a stop-motion winged beetle. In the third, a female surgeon needs to cut out the heart of the son of Satan and put it in a box for God (this one contains some very bad stop-motion). Look for Richard Moll (billed as Charles Moll) in two of the stories; unlike his character on "Night Court," he has hair.

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