Monday, June 30, 2014

Prison Girls (1972)

How bad is it? It may be the sleaziest movie Ive ever seen.
Should you see it? If you really want to see the ultimate women-in-prison exploitation film.

Director Tom DeSimone started with women in prison films, went on to direct gay porn and then ended up directing broadcast television. This was shot in 3-D (watch out for the soap in the shower scene), which is unique for the genre. It also features the huge breasted Uschi Digard and the even bigger Candy Samples. After the required shower scene in the first minutes, this film takes place entirely outside of prison walls, as it follows six women given a weekend furlough; prison films are made to save money on locations, but this didn't even have the funds to shoot in a prison. One of the girls gets gang-raped and it's shown not as something brutal, but as entertainment. The last part has Digard visiting (and having sex with) her boyfriend while the cops are out to get him and, of course, it does not go well for anyone.

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