Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Galactic Gigolo (1987)

aka Club Earth

How bad is it? This one reeks.
Should you see it? No. Somehow, this has its share of fans, though.

The guy who directed the entertaining "Psychos In Love" proved that was a fluke with his next screen credit, this sub-par version of the sub-par "Earth Girls Are Easy." One can once again blame Charles band and Full Moon for this getting released. An extraterrestrial broccoli wins a game show and the prize is to go to Prospect, CT to have sex with the willing populace of bimbos. He's sought by gangsters and Jewish rednecks, a reporter and a photographer. There's little plot. There are zero jokes (there's a final pay-off joke that almost works). There's a slapstick climactic fight scene - banana peels and whipped cream included - with Three Stooges-type sound effects that goes on too long. It's all a bunch of frabba-jabba (which will make sense if you are unfortunate enough to watch this).

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