Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hong Kong 97 (1994)

aka The Last Chance, aka Showdown in HongKong

How bad is it? Dull action film.
Should you see it? No.

Albert Pyun has a group of people claiming he's the king of bad movies, so I get roped into some of them. This one stars Robert Patrick, Tim Thomerson, Brion James and Ming-Na Wen, so one can't blame the acting for why it fails. As Britain is about to hand Hong Kong back to China, a corporate hit man kills several of the Chinese delegation and then he becomes the target of dozens (hundreds?) of hired guns. There are times when the film just grinds to a halt so characters can have conversations with plot points. When there's action, the bad guys just stand as targets and Pyun does it all in slow-motion, dragging the pacing even further. Thomerson has a few good moments early in the film, when he doesn't have a handle on what's going on. The ending is implausible and unsatisfying.

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