Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Greed (1999/2006)

aka Axe

How bad is it? Overly complicated, implausible sexploitation thriller. Meh.
Should you see it? No. Nothing new or interesting here.

I think most people end up seeing this film, as I did, by accident, because of the plethora of films entitled "Greed" and "Axe," all of which are probably better than this one. Two women, after doing some climbing (and looking quite fetching, rather than tired and dirty), steal money from a biker gang. A dirt biker gang. They end up in an inn and the proprietors also are now after them for the money. Then there's a bar, with a shoot-out, and the bar people are after them, too. Then they throw in a prison escapee with an axe that's harder to kill than Jason Voorhees or Michael Meyers. There's chase scenes and fight scenes and a lot of toplessness, but nothing you haven't seen before.

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