Thursday, October 12, 2017

The lost films of Steve Postal

This was supposed to be a review of "Vampires from Outer Space," but I got ripped off and never got to see it - if it even exists any more. Beware the dark web.

Steve Postal directed 5 to 7 films from 1990-1991, though only Honeymoon Murders and its sequel are currently listed on IMDb and are apparently still available from his distribution company. Missing are:

Billy the Kid Meets the Vampires (1991)

Billy the outlaw goes on vacation, only to run into the titular vampires. Bad acting ensues. 114 minutes. Starring Michael K. Saunders, Debra Orth, Angela Shephard. I'm told the artwork on the box is "amazing" - which probably means hand-drawn.

Penpal Murders (1991)

Penpal visits and, eventually, kills. 118 minutes. Starring Jay Brockman, Jennifer Tuck, Angela Shephard.

Vampires from Outer Space (1990)

Vampire from the planet Cirrus marries earth man, takes groom to an island where strange things occur. 114 minutes. Starring Alan Ramey, Angela Shephard, Jennifer Tuck.
There are some stories online about Postal, such as his self-publishing a novel, then requiring those auditioning for his films to buy a copy to use as a script. It's likely that he changed his own IMDb listing (changing from "Steven" to "Steve" as he's billed in the films) and removed films that had received poor reviews by the handful that had seen them.

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