Saturday, February 25, 2017

MegaFault (2009)

How bad is it? Very cheap implausible disaster movie.
Should you see it? It's actually enjoyable, but don't go out of your way to see it.

This was made by The Asylum and shown as a SyFy original, which is a terrible pedigree, but this is one of their better efforts. It stars Brittany Murphy in her last role and Eriq La Salle, with the rest of the cast being disposable. Underground demolition in Kentucky starts a massive earthquake to endanger all of North America and it's a race against time to stop it. The plan to freeze it using satellites is beyond preposterous, but the film isn't really about that; it's about explosions and there are scores of those. The cheapness is very obvious, not just in the CGI, but mannequins substitute for guards at one point and there's what looks like a garage door in a plane's cockpit. If you focus on the poor plot, poor acting and general cheese, it's pathetic, but if you just want a dumb action film, it delivers the goods.

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