Saturday, February 4, 2017

Munchie (1992)

How bad is it? Bad kids film that goes nowhere and then adds adult matter.
Should you see it? I can't believe I'm saying this, but yes - for the cast.

I like Jim Wynorski's early jokey trash films and this fits into that group. Supposedly a sequel to "Munchies," this abandons everything from that film to have a single small monster help a child with his problems, be it bullies or his mom dating someone he doesn't like. The puppet's voiced by Dom DeLuise, the mom is Loni Anderson and there are roles for Arte Johnson, Jennifer Love Hewitt (billed as Love Hewitt), Monique Gabrielle, Fred Olen Ray, George Buck Flower, Angus Scrimm and Brinke Stevens. There's a lot of cleavage shown for a kid film and a lot of double entendres, making it a questionable kid film, but a very typical Wynorski film. The story doesn't add up to much and the special effects are... well, there's a flying pizza. This had a sequel, which I'll also review.

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