Monday, December 22, 2014

Daniel - Der Zauberer (2004)

How bad is it? It's near the bottom of IMDB's bottom 100 films.
Should you see it? No way.

Lommel with horn, top hat and one arm.

This bad film by Ulli Lommel is bad in a different way than his other bad films reviewed on this blog, but that's of so little interest it's mentioned only to avoid actually discussing this tripe. Lommel himself has a major role as star Daniel Küblböck's dead grandfather, whose missing arm mysteriously reappears from time to time. Rather than re-filming or scrapping that footage, it appears that Lommel decided to make it the plot, turning this biopic of an annoying minor musical talent (from a German television contest show that I suspect had a "vote for the worst" contingent) into a film about a boy with magical talents. People try to kill Daniel on stage and this allows for a lot of concert footage to be added, plus some additional backstage footage where nothing happens and which must've been added to pad the film to feature length. Lommel claims that the half-finished slap-dash nature of the film is intentional, but that doesn't help.

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